Calorie Calculator

just whack your details in below, and our calculator will do the rest!

In about 30 seconds flat you'll know what your daily maintenance energy level is, in calories. This is the amount of food that you can eat without gaining or losing weight - you’ll stay the same.

From there we can calculate your recommended daily energy level in calories, based on your current goal - whether that’s fat loss, muscle gain, or just to maintain your current body weight.

Our calculator will give you a good place to start, but bear in mind that even two people with exactly the same stats can have different maintenance calorie levels - this is because our metabolisms adjust based on how many calories we eat over time. So, the best way to find out exactly what our maintenance level is is by eating the calculator’s maintenance level calories for a couple of weeks and watching what the scale does. If your body weight goes up, then your maintenance is lower than first thought and if your body weight goes down, then your maintenance is higher than first thought!

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